Other Ways to Make your Offer More Competitive

May 20, 2022

If you’re shopping for a condo in a competitive market, there will likely be multiple offers on units you’re interested in buying. So, to get the condo you want, you have to make an offer that makes it to the top of the pile. That often involves proposing a good price and going in with no conditions.

But, what else can you do to make your offer more attractive? Consider these ideas:

Be flexible on the proposed closing date. Make it easy for the sellers to move when it’s most convenient for them. For example, when the condo they buy closes.

Include the appropriate deposit with the offer. The amount should be at least what is requested by the seller. (Note: The deposit is applied to the down payment when you buy the condo.)

Show that you have financing arranged. If possible, get a pre-approval certificate or other document from your lender. That reassures the buyer that the deal won’t fall through due to a financing problem.

Finally, get expert advice. The best ways to give your offer the edge will vary from market to market.

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